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Best Hairdresser in Saint Helens

We offer all the perks of a fully-equipped salon in your own home. The range of services we can provide is not limited by location or opening hours, and all our hairdressing procedures can be done from the comfort of your living room. At Mobile Hairdressing And Extensions St Helens, we decided that hairdressing shouldn’t be restricted to the salon, and so our mobile hairdressing services allow you the freedom to make an appointment with your front room in Saint Helens. If you're interested, get in touch on 07930273245

Our staff can inspire you

We’ve all experienced a disastrous haircut, so we’re committed to making sure each and every customer leaves happy. From cuts to colour, perms and pixie cuts, we’re on top of our game when it comes to quality, sharp cuts, with beautiful styling to suit every personality. Even if you’re not quite sure what you want, call us and one of our friendly staff will help you find inspiration and take the stress out of styling.

We listen to our customers

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to and understand our clients’ queries, be it your roots growing through, split ends or dry, brittle hair, so that we can help provide the specific therapy that will work and solve the issue. From highlights to conditioning treatment, our stylists have got you covered. We are fully devoted to guaranteeing the highest standards of beauty and hair services. Our hairdressers and therapists are professionals within their field, and are amiable, proficient and dedicated.

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